Tangled Yarn and Words

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Crochet Groot


Last December I made a crocheted baby Groot for my friend who loves Groot. Baby Groot is from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a small plant with little words. His eyes are made from cabachons and then the design in the eyes is made by printer paper and markers. The cabachon eyes will follow you around similar to how Beanie Boo eyes work. He turned out bigger than expected but other than that I am very proud of him. The yarn vanna’s choice Taupe Mist was the perfect yarn to make Groot look like a tree. I also used some green yarn for the crest on his head.


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Needle Felted Hummingbird

My fourth needle felting thins ever. My first was the bunny, then two border collies and guess what this is. A hummingbird. I am definitely improving on needle felting and I can’t decide what I should felt next. But first I have to finish Christmas gifts. Christmas is just so close; it is only one week from now. Here are the images and some of the process that went into it.

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Needle Felted Border Collie

This Saturday (7/15/17) I am going to go to Michigan. It is about a two day trip from here to there. We are visiting my Dad’s parents. I don’t remember the last time I saw them, I was probably about two years old. They have a farm with sheep and border collies and maybe some other animals. On Christmas 2016, they were the ones who gave me needle felting supplies. So, before I visit them I decided to needle felt them a border collie. This is my second needle felted item and has come a long way from my starting bunny.


Tug-Of-War Dog Toy

This is a very simple dog toy. You can easily make it longer (which I recommend mine is fit for a small dog), or wider. The Tug-Of-War Dog Toy is great for people who are learning to crochet and want to make a toy for their dog. I’m sure your dog will love it!


Tug-of-war dog toy

Ch 65

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook sc in next 62 chs ch 1 turn

Rows 2-3: sc across ch 1 turn

Knot both ends

Feathered Fish Crocheted Cat Toy

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This is my cat who loves to play with pretty much everything. When I crocheted this fish he loved it and I hope your cats will be just as thrilled as my cat is about this free, crocheted, cat toy. Enjoy the pattern 🙂  This pattern can not be sold nor the amigurumi be sold but you are allowed to give these as presents.

Feathered fish cat toy

Body (make 2)

Ch 2

Row 1: sc 2 in 2nd ch from hook ch 1 turn

Row 2: sc 2 in next 2 sts ch 1 turn

Row 3: sc 2 in 1st st sc in next 2 sts sc 2 in next st ch 1 turn

Row 4: sc across switch to B ch 1 turn

Row 5: sc 2 in 1st st sc in next 4 sts sc 2 in next st ch 1 turn

Rows 6-12: sc across ch 1 turn

Row 13: sc2tog sc in next 6 sts ch 1 turn

Row 14: sc2tog sc in next 5 sts ch 1 turn

Row 15: sc2tog sc in next 4 sts ch 1 turn

Row 16: sc2tog sc in next 3 sts ch 1 turn

Row 17: sc2tog sc in next 2 sts ch 1 turn

Row 18: sc3tog



Feathered tail

With black ch 40

Rnd 1: sl in starting ch (ch 2 dec) repeat 8 more times ch 5 sc in next ch (stick hoop through next ch and the ch-2 space under it and sc there ch 2 skip next st) repeat around

Rnd 2: sc 3 in 1st st (sc in next ch-2 space ch 2) repeat until you get to the place where you chained 5 sc in ch 5 space ch 3 (sc in same space ch 5) repeat sc in same space ch 3 sc in same space (ch 2 sc in next ch space) repeat around


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