Tangled Yarn and Words

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Dumpling Cats

I made these Dumpling cats for my sister on Christmas. The pattern for the pink one is free and can be found here on ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dumpling-kitty

The small minty colored cat was a modified version of the pattern.


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Crochet American Curl Cat


this is an American Curl Russian Blue mixed cat. He is completely crocheted besides the navy blue parts of his ears, his polymer clay nose, and his cabochon eyes. Believe it or not the yarn I used is completely normal and not fuzzy yarn. After playing around with the loop stitch and cutting it, I realized that it sometimes would unravel my projects so I modified it in a sort of combined way with the chain stitch. I then cut the ends and brushed the cat. “Nimbus” the cat is so cute!


Tug-Of-War Dog Toy

This is a very simple dog toy. You can easily make it longer (which I recommend mine is fit for a small dog), or wider. The Tug-Of-War Dog Toy is great for people who are learning to crochet and want to make a toy for their dog. I’m sure your dog will love it!


Tug-of-war dog toy

Ch 65

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook sc in next 62 chs ch 1 turn

Rows 2-3: sc across ch 1 turn

Knot both ends