Tangled Yarn and Words

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Yesterday was a sad day because my cat, Micah died (pictured in the lower left of the first picture holding his brother, and the second picture). He was such a crazy cat with loads of personality. He loved his brother so much and Camelot slept with Micah in the box on his last day. Micah purred up until the last two days and he was always happy. He lived a fairly long time for having some health issues and would be about 10 years old. Micah definitely lived all his 9 lives. He is a lap cat that showed no favoritism. He would give everyone an equal opportunity to pet him, or play with him. I am going to look after his brother like he always did, and I hope to see him again someday.

He died January 26, 2017.

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Crochet American Curl Cat


this is an American Curl Russian Blue mixed cat. He is completely crocheted besides the navy blue parts of his ears, his polymer clay nose, and his cabochon eyes. Believe it or not the yarn I used is completely normal and not fuzzy yarn. After playing around with the loop stitch and cutting it, I realized that it sometimes would unravel my projects so I modified it in a sort of combined way with the chain stitch. I then cut the ends and brushed the cat. “Nimbus” the cat is so cute!

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White Fang

White Fang is different from the other books I have read so far. Mainly in setting, characters, and dialogue. One of the most important things about White Fang is that the main character is a wolf, and not a human. It is important to note though that there are humans in the book but they aren’t as main as “White Fang”, the wolf.

White Fang, lives a rough childhood and is beat up by other dogs, particularly Lip-lip. White Fang is different from them because he came from the Wild, while the other dogs at the camp were born with the humans. He is forced to stay in the camp because his mother, Kiche, is on an expedition with the humans. White Fang does not want to abandon his mother, so he stays in the camp still being teased by other dogs and beat upon by the humans. He slowly gets accustomed to what the humans like and what they don’t like. He becomes more clever and begins to fight other dogs. The other dogs’ response to that is just leave him alone. So White Fang got his way by being left alone. He liked to be alone which was normal because if you were teased you would want to stay by yourself and away from your teasers.

Yet White Fang, being a wolf, does not talk to the dogs. He expresses himself by growls and unexpected lunges with bites. The humans also don’t talk all that much but you hear them laugh, and they punish the dogs with actions. When a character in a story talks, this is called Dialogue. White Fang does not include much dialogue between characters yet you can still feel what White Fang is thinking by the way he acts. Dialogue is not all that important in this story because you can still sense what White Fang would say if he could talk.

White Fang is different from the other books I have read in several different ways. The character is a wolf, and not a human. And time has no vital role in White Fang. The time just goes by the seasons and is barely mentioned in the book, besides if something repeatedly happens like Lip-lip’s teasing or the days that White Fang spent in the fighting arena.