Tangled Yarn and Words

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Needle Felted Hummingbird

My fourth needle felting thins ever. My first was the bunny, then two border collies and guess what this is. A hummingbird. I am definitely improving on needle felting and I can’t decide what I should felt next. But first I have to finish Christmas gifts. Christmas is just so close; it is only one week from now. Here are the images and some of the process that went into it.


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Needle Felted Border Collie

This Saturday (7/15/17) I am going to go to Michigan. It is about a two day trip from here to there. We are visiting my Dad’s parents. I don’t remember the last time I saw them, I was probably about two years old. They have a farm with sheep and border collies and maybe some other animals. On Christmas 2016, they were the ones who gave me needle felting supplies. So, before I visit them I decided to needle felt them a border collie. This is my second needle felted item and has come a long way from my starting bunny.