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Needle Felted Border Collie

This Saturday (7/15/17) I am going to go to Michigan. It is about a two day trip from here to there. We are visiting my Dad’s parents. I don’t remember the last time I saw them, I was probably about two years old. They have a farm with sheep and border collies and maybe some other animals. On Christmas 2016, they were the ones who gave me needle felting supplies. So, before I visit them I decided to needle felt them a border collie. This is my second needle felted item and has come a long way from my starting bunny.



binoblendcatsIt has been a really long time since I have posted anything. So I will say what I have been up to. There is a free 3d modeling program called Blender. Basically what you do is you sculpt something, add bones to it, and make movies from your models. The bunny model is my very first thing that I created in Blender around 3/14/17. The cats are more recent. I hope to learn more about how to use Blender and improve on it.

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Yesterday was a sad day because my cat, Micah died (pictured in the lower left of the first picture holding his brother, and the second picture). He was such a crazy cat with loads of personality. He loved his brother so much and Camelot slept with Micah in the box on his last day. Micah purred up until the last two days and he was always happy. He lived a fairly long time for having some health issues and would be about 10 years old. Micah definitely lived all his 9 lives. He is a lap cat that showed no favoritism. He would give everyone an equal opportunity to pet him, or play with him. I am going to look after his brother like he always did, and I hope to see him again someday.

He died January 26, 2017.



Bragging time!

So pictures came out today from the first concert I ever participated in and I’ve been gazing at them for some time now.  Mostly because the camera guy caught me making those awful faces that mean I’m trying to focus.  However, there are a few I actually like and a few that make me feel just a little (okay a lot) proud.

Mostly because this was my first year in a real orchestra.  The difference between a real orchestra and not-so-real orchestra?  Well, for a real orchestra you have to audition in front of judges to be allowed in, kind of like how people tryout to make a sports team. So, as you can see, I made it in to the orchestra, called Triangle Youth Orchestra (TYO).  About a week before Thanksgiving the hundred other musicians in the orchestra and I performed at Meymandi Hall in down town Raleigh, NC.

You might not be able to tell from the picture, but I play the cello.  Maybe you don’t know what a cello is, but don’t feel bad…alright, maybe you can feel just a little bad.  Basically, it’s a bigger version of a violin (which my sister plays) that you hold between your legs instead of on your shoulder.  It plays lower notes too.  I started playing four years ago and love it!

My favorite cellists to listen to are these two guys who play cello called, not surprisingly, 2Cellos.  They take very non-classical songs, like Smooth Criminal, and write them for the cello.  I’m working on one of their songs right now for my upcoming recital.  They are like, my biggest source of inspiration.  If you haven’t listened to them, you MUST go watch some of their YouTube videos.  My favorites are Smooth Criminal and Thunderstruck.

Anyway, if you live nearby Raleigh, you should come see TYO’s next concert in the Spring!

Cello and me