Tangled Yarn and Words

First Needle Felted Bunny


This is my first needle felted creature! I got some felting supplies for Christmas and I can’t wait to try out some more things. This is a bunny with big ears and complete with a cute tail.


3 thoughts on “First Needle Felted Bunny

  1. I love it! Needle felting is on my list of things to try, how did you get on? I’m worried about being in charge of lots of needles at once!

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    • I only used one needle on this guy, it took awhile to make though. I think that using one needle will be similar to using several but if you accidentally bend the needles while poking you break more of them XD. Also there is wet felting which looks fun to try next you don’t need a needle for that. What do you mean about getting on?

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